I try to avoid looking in the mirror. When I do, it’s to see if I have paint on my face – I’m an artist. It sounds hippyish, but my goal is to be open and optimistic and to look friendly. I feel so pessimistic about the world on a political level that I try to be optimistic on a personal level.

On the cover of my Homeland album, I’m a Chaplinesque character with a moustache, slapped on eyebrows and a bad make-up job. I get sick of hearing my own voice and opinions, so I enjoy playing around with alter egos to see if I can come up with other ways to see the world.

Last week I decided that I would never cut my hair again. Years ago, I had really long hair, but then somebody said, “Let me cut it all off.” After that, I kept it short because it was easy, but I’ve always cut it myself and I do such a bad job. I usually do it when I’m talking on the phone. If you cut your hair when you have a phone between your shoulder and your ear, you are going to get a few bald spots.

I’m 63 now. I miss being as strong as I used to be – I can’t ski all day any more, but I take long walks and go to the gym every day for an hour. I like myself.

I’m always happier if I don’t worry about what I look like. Self-consciousness gets in the way of observation. Quite frankly, people don’t really care what you look like – as long as you don’t smell.