Q: Inspiration comes and goes; you can’t always control it. But how do you summon the muse? Where do you think it comes from?

A: I think it comes from the same place for everyone, whether it’s Samuel Beckett or a waitress at a truck-stop who’s like, ‘Hmm, I just had a thought.’ It comes to everybody. Something I’m learning is we can all do what we want but we have to be responsible for knowing that. That’s a hard thing, even musically. People tell me all the time, ‘Oh, I can’t sing’ or [in dramatic voice] ‘No, no, no. I couldn’t play guitar. I would love to but…’ You would love to? ‘Oh, I’d be terrible.’ No. We all have those traps in our brains. It’s stupid, thinking like that, but we cling to it because we’ve been told to. If we only test ourselves we might find something different. That’s the challenge.