I want to play more shows. I make music and theater performances and also do readings from my psychedelic porno poetry zine Scorcher. I feel like I don’t get asked to do a lot of shows in NYC and people forget I’m out here but I’m definitely all the way out here and want to do as many shows as possible because I am working on a secret new thing I need to beta-test. And I’m funny and freaky and people generally like what I have to do (even if the experience is unpleasant at the time). I’m like a vitamin.

Please book me to perform at your event thanks. 


"Do you know what’s funny? Sometimes I’ll see photographs of myself in the early days of The X-Files and I think that my attitude towards the whole thing was very similar to Kristen Stewart’s,"

“There’s a very similar look in my eye; slightly defiant, slightly bored. All I ever got was: ‘Smile! Smile!’ when I didn’t want to smile. And I really wish that somebody at that time had told me: ‘You know that it’s OK to be who you really are’.”

Gillian Anderson on Kristen Stewart

(via blackmagicalgirlmisandry)